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North American Exclusive*

Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

For several years RainWise has looked for a partner to provide us with a superior Ultrasonic sensor. We are excited to announce that the LCJ Capteurs has met or exceeded the strict criteria RainWise had outlined. This product line, based on more than 14 years of evolution, has been a great success in the European market and now is exclusively distributed to the North American market through RainWise, Inc.

This patented, compact ultrasonic anemometer has no moving parts, greatly increasing reliability while allowing accurate measurement of even the slightest wind. The sensor is available in an unmatched variety of output options, providing compatibility with endless applications. This sensor is produced with Marine grade strength and durability using corrosion free materials; a natural fit for operation in harsh & extreme environments. Prior to shipment, each ultrasonic wind sensor is fully wind tunnel and environmental chamber tested and calibrated, ensuring accurate wind measurement over a wide operating range.

The CV7 compact wind sensor offers high accuracy and low power consumption making it ideal for the most demanding wind sensing applications. A few sample applications are:
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy Wind Turbines & PV Solar
  • Building/industry automation
  • Environmental
  • Utility companies
  • Transport
  • Disaster Fire/Pollution
  • Crane & Tent applications
  • Marine
  • Fountain operation
  • Stage management


Designed for versatility and optimized for a wide range of applications

Sensors and connectivity kits available separately or in a discounted USB complete package offer.

Available in three models to best meet your needs:
The CV7-V

The LCJ ultrasonic wind sensor. It is light weight,
compact and uses minimal energy consumption.
• Updates 2x per second

The CV7-E

Our high-speed version ultrasonic wind sensor.
• Updates 4x per second.

The Sonic-SDI

Configured to work with a SDI-12 data logger.
• Updates 2x per second.

* Rainwise Inc is the exclusive dealer for non-marine based LCJ Capteurs products.


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