PVmet 500 Solar Monitoring

Multifunctional Professional Weather Monitoring

The RainWise PVmet 500 Series is the first multifunctional, component-based professional weather station designed and built specifically for PV efficiency monitoring. Customizable to fit your specific solar monitoring needs. Ships fully assembled and factory calibrated

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The PVmet series of weather stations are designed to meet the monitoring demands of cutting-edge solar power generation. The PVmet™ 500 is the highest-grade professional PV monitoring station with customizable sensor options. All our PVmet stations are SunSpec certified or compliant and feature integration via MODBUS RTU interface using RS-485. Our growing family of PVmet solutions offer the right fit for any PV monitoring project.

Choose ONLY the sensors you need.

The PVmet 500 Supports
(3) Irradiance Sensors
(3) Back-of-Panel Temp Sensors

Sensors & Options
Ambient Temperature (Standard on base model)
Relative Humidity (Standard on base model)
Barometric Pressure (Standard on base model)

Optional Sensors
Ultra Sonic Anemometer (Optional)
Mini-Aervane (Optional)
Rain Gauge/mounted or stand-alone  (Optional)

All RainWise PVmet Weather Stations are available with high-precision EKO pyranometers

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