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A Special Limited Time Offer for Existing Rainwise Customers Only!

Our Rapid Fire enabled weather station doesn’t need a PC to upload to With an ultra-fast refresh rate of every 3-5 seconds, new data is updated instantly on the website right before your very eyes!

Our MKlll-RTI-LR Weather Station
With the optimized
IP-100 Network Interface and Mono Mount.


Normally $1,489. Now only $1,271*
You Save: $218 (20%)

Financing is now available for qualified buyers. $74.00 per month / 24 months.
Call 1-800-762-5723 and contact our sales staff for details.

The MKlll-RTI-LR is a wireless, solar-powered weather station providing the best accuracy of any consumer weather station on the market. This compact, rugged and elegantly designed unit comes fully assembled providing quick and easy installation. No local computer or special software is needed; so easy to set up – it is virtually Plug & Play.


Known for our accurate and reliable sensor assembly, the MKlll-RTI-LR has several groundbreaking features:

1) Transmission range of up to one mile (when positioned with an unobstructed line-of-site view to the receiver) that surpasses the current long-range distance of 1000 feet;

2) Weather Underground Rapid data protocol is fully supported which gives an ultra-fast refresh rate of every 3-5 seconds. Receiving your data virtually real-time!

3) No local computer or special software is needed to process, transmit or store your data; the IP-100 network interface links your weather station directly to our cloud-based website for multiple viewing options including Internet, iPhone and iPad.

And the IP-100 will directly upload your weather station data to!

4) The MKlll-RTI-LR includes our tipping bucket rain gauge - the tipping bucket design was originally developed by RainWise in 1974 and has become the industry standard for rain gauges!

5) Our unique aervane design is durable: others use 3-cup anemometers that are susceptible to collecting water that can cause freezing and breaking, leading to repeated down time and ongoing expensive replacements. Our trademark rotary blade design eliminates this concern. In addition our design utilizes an internal, contact-free magnetic system that provides constant horizontal wind tracking, leaving no mechanical parts to wear out over time and require replacement. Finally, our aervane is crafted in such a way as to minimize crevices in the body that would be susceptible to ice build-up causing downtime and breakage.

6) We provide a 2-year warranty with our products – twice the industry standard, with an extended 5 year warranty available!

The MKlll-RTI-LR system is factory assembled and come ready to use right out of the box. The lightweight and compact design makes installation quick and easy, especially with the RainWise Mono Mount included in this package.

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