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T/WD- Wet/Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor

Wet Bulb / Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor

The RainWise Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb Thermometer consists of two calibrated temperature sensors in a fan aspirated housing. Both of the sensors are exposed to the aspirated air. One of them is encased in a fabric wick. This wick is wetted from a small sump. This sump is filled from a reservoir prior to each reading by a remotely located pump.

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This assembly is mounted in a housing that utilizes the standard RainWise Monopod mount. For applications not involving the Monopod , a NEMA 4X enclosure is provided adapted to the mount.

The outputs from the temperature sensors, when interfaced with a RainWise logger will provide relative humidity as well as wet and dry bulb temperatures.

In operation, when a reading is taken, the fan is first turned on for several minutes. At the same time the pump is turned on for 10 seconds to fill the sump and finally the microprocessor monitors the wet bulb readings and determines when a minimum is reached.

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