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Computer Interface and Data Logger

The MKIIICC computer interface is a device that will record and store weather data received from MK III sensor assemblies. The MKIIICC has 32K of memory which allows the device to log data independently of a computer for 3 months. Connecting the Wireless Computer Interface to a dial-up modem will permit remote access to locations such as camps and summer homes. It provides both current and historical information.


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Product details

  • Operates independently, with its own RF receiver.
  • Battery backup 3 month data memory.
  • Connects directly to a modem for remote applications. No PC required.
  • Supplied with free Windows software.

Connecting to a Computer
A number of 3rd party software programs support the MKIIICC. When you purchase the MKIIICC directly from Rainwise you will also receive both WeatherView32 and Virtual Weather Station. These powerful Windows based programs will allow you to view current and historical data. The versions supplied are home/base versions. If you choose to upgrade you get a whole host of features including the ability to publish your information on the Internet. The MKIIICC has an RS-232 serial interface. A USB to Serial converter is available.

Weatherview32 and Virtual Weather Station are included with the MKIIICC computer interface when purchased from Rainwise. These software packages will automatically upload any logged data from the computer interface into a weather database on the PC's hard drive. In addition to the real-time display, the software provides a wide variety of tables and graphs for viewing the weather database. These programs have a calendar display which provides the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and barometric pressure extremes for any month in a compact form.
Upgrades for both WeatherView32 and Virtual Weather Station are available directly from Weather Information Systems and Ambient Weather. Enhanced versions offer a variety of sophisticated features for the serious weather enthusiast.

Software Screen Shots 

* CTI's RetrieverWL™
Chesapeake Technology International has developed RetrieverWL for the Palm™.
RetrieverWL™ enables data capture and Xmodem transfers, and also includes a Palm™ HotSync® Conduit, which is installed on your PC. This transfers the data capture and Xmodem transfer files from the Palm™ hand held into text files on your PC, which can then be read with Wordpad or imported into a spreadsheet.

Download the demo version



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Product Details

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Most often, your support inquiry can be resolved by consulting our extensive collection of product documentation and/or software downloads. Please review the set of available documentation and/or downloads available for this product below:

  • PDF file Software: Serial Communications Test Utility - Download
  • PDF file Manual: Manual - Download

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